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Cherise. · 4mo

abang udah gak sayang aku lagi tuh

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· 6 answers · 5mo

following the bandwagon, mind to tell me your thoughts on this user? <3

Dara, my friend. Asik banget anaknya kalau diajak ngomong. Rame but not loud. Will always hyping you up whenever you feel confident and will ask you/give you comfort without any hesitation when you felt sad. Having Dara as a friend means that you will never feel alone because her presence is enough to fill the emptiness. You are bright, energetic, yet warm. That's why people (and me as well) love to hangout with you.

Sabiel · 8 answers · 6mo

Kalian kalo lagi drained, biasanya ngapain?

Recovering my energy by having me time (re: sleep) most of the times. Kadang kalau gak bisa tidur paling nonton film yang ringan biar pikiran lebih at ease lagi.

· 3 answers · 7mo

Sayang banget sama cowokku. Kalian bisa relate ga?

· 1 answer · 7mo

Kalian suka capybara atau otter?

Historia Violett · 10 answers · 8mo

would you rather be able to read minds or be able to see into the future?

Read minds. It would be a lot easier to know what's on someone's mind than fooling the time.

Banyu. · 17 answers · 8mo

Kalo kalian cuma bisa makan SATU varian mi instan seumur hidup, varian apa yang akan kalian pilih?

Historia Violett · 8mo

halo nicholas! aku violett, salah satu sender dari ssefnum. makasih udah lat di menfessku, semoga bulan desember kamu penuh senyum dan kebahagiaan. also hopefully we can get closer through this platform yaaa, have a pleasant night.

Halo, Violett! Maaf banget baru scroll retro. Makasih juga udah reach out dan ngirim pesan ini ya. It's already January but I wish your 2024 will be filled with a lot of happiness and successful things. You seems like a good person so I wish the same too. Have a good day!

Valerie R. · 4 answers · 7mo

guys, mind to tell me wish kalian di tahun 2024 ini? :0

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