Zasha · 4 answers · 4mo

How December treats you, guys?

if its not too late to answer this, i am very glad that december has given me a break i needed after such tiring months. it treated me pretty well and i hope things in the meantime are going well for me also. happy new year! 💛

december is indeed my month, my lucky month, my birth month, my most awaited month!! december is really treating me perfectly (especially this year)!!! lots of things are happening in december. there are ups and downs, of course, but i couldn't be more blessed for everything that God has prepared for me in december (and other months too). i feel blessed! yay!!

It's amazing to once again feels a December to remember. The month itself always has that one magical thing I can't even explain. I went to new places, met new people, and even bought myself lots of things, including books of course. I'm expecting more good things to come as the end of the month is coming near.

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