Audene asked 7 months ago · 4 answers

how did the first half of 2023 treat you? hope the remaining months will bring us all blissful memories to look forward to!

I know I can treat you better than he can kalo kata Shawn Mendes but so far so gewd... full of shit and surprises yet i made it until today i'm so proud of me and so proud of you as well 🥺🤍 hope the same goes to you mwach mwach!

Bad, bad and man I don’t know why this year treat me so badly like what’s my fault with this year.

this is so sweet.. ; __ ; thank you, dearest. i hope it will go well for your future endeavors. please be healthy so you may do every single thing in your bucket list this year ♥

A lot of things happen, the good and the bad one so it feels bittersweet, tapi hidup kayaknya emang gitu deh, jadi ya gini gini aja sih. Thanks Audene, hope the same goes to you as well. :3

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