vyivel asked 3 months ago

What text/code editor(s) do you primarily use?


What text/code editor(s) do you primarily use?

I don't code that's for nerds I just write in the FFXIV chat box

Xed and vscodium on my personal laptop, IntelliJ IDEA for work

for code... ...currently VSCodium... Sometimes Doom Emacs when it makes sense.

Bc I do c# stuff a lot, visual studio with ReSharper. In my private time when I work on my websites I use fleet

i confess, mainly vscodium at the minute, i still haven't bothered learning any TUI editors yet

vim primarily, sometimes OpenVi for flair, sometimes ed for writing, VS Code for XML, IntelliJ IDEA for Java, Visual Studio for C#

Retrospring uses Markdown for formatting

*italic text* for italic text

**bold text** for bold text

[link](https://example.com) for link