By the name, Weston Abigail Paige here. Weston for the call, how's your day?

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Aletheia Jane · 9 answers · 2d

Drop your best read. (I might need some new references for my next list)

Earthlings. · 8d

Hey, so... I kinda have a crush on you now, if I pursue you would it be a green light? I hope this question doesn’t bother you!

Thank you for your attention all this time. I truly appreciate your heart. Honestly, speaking openly and bluntly isn’t my forte, but I hope you understand that I am now safely and comfortably with someone I care about deeply. I hope you understand, sender.

Earthlings. · 18d

Hey, Weston! With this message being sent under anonymity, small chance you’d recognize me. Not sure if you’d like to keep in touch if you do know, and apologize if I happened to make you feel uncomfortable. You’re not obligated to answer this but, it’s been long. You were gone and I found out you’ve been back for a while, by accident. Hope you’re always well and safe. Remember to unwind, rest, and know that there are still many pictures for you to take. Blessed be upon you.

Oh hello there. I never feel there's a limit to staying in touch with old friends. In fact, I'd be happy if we could reconnect in a new way. Let's chat again? Blessed be upon to you too.

Anin. · 7 answers · 26d

Besok udah senin aja, gak kerasa ya t___t

Earthlings. · 2mo

𝜗𝜚 daily reminder
https: // vt . tiktok . com / ZSFTSU6de /

🍩 · 8 answers · 2mo

HIIIII, does anyone interested to be friends wimme on X? if yes, please drop yours & i’ll follow right away! 😼

Earthlings. · 2mo

What is the worst thing ever?

Earthlings. · 3mo

If you're only setting your eyes on Karina, does that mean I don't stand a chance?

I’m so sorry for this late answer haha, Karina seated special on my little core. But you might own my every sinister’s and dexter’s heart.

Earthlings. · 3mo

Do you set your eyes on someone currently, Weston?

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