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MV. · 16 answers · 1y

Ladies and fellas, remember that you are loved by many people, so love yourself too. You don't have to be someone else to look perfect.

MV. · 13 answers · 1y

“Cinta datang karena terbiasa” What do you think about that sentence?

Luniar, Selene. · 24 answers · 1y

tell me an interesting random fact, it could be about anything.

(e.g blue whale, atlantis, greek history, culture, food, movie, musician, or even your own life)

Did you know there's an emperor from ancient Greece who accidentally murder his lover while she's pregnant, and later dated a guy who resemblance her? It's like a 22 century angsty novel plot lol

giamellie d. · 1y

hello there! i’m the ssefnum sender♥︎ i hope you don’t mind but send me a small follback! thankies

Haiiii, maaf banget aku baru liat huhu :( udah aku follback yaaa Gia, have a nice day and thank u also for following me 💗

MV. · 1y

Hello! It's me, the sender who wants to exchange links with you. Don't forget to follow me back. Have a nice day ahead!

Luniar, Selene. · 23 answers · 1y

tell me the most unrealistic scene you often see in movies (or sinetron) that irritates the hell out of you.

seruni. · 13 answers · 1y

menurut kalian, kenapa lagu-lagu lawas tuh sampai sekarang masih enak dan banyak didenger? kaya Dewa19, Vierra, gitu gitu

Karena taste jaman kecil gak sih? Apalagi jaman aku sekolah dulu, denger radio ( hampir ) sering banget. Terus entah kenapa, instrumental mereka kebanyakan simpel dan lirik gak terlalu rumit buat di interpret, tapi enak ditelinga. Banget.

seruni. · 14 answers · 1y

if you're a superhero, what power would you like to have? why?

Yur's · 1y

Hey there, good morning. Query of the day: How do you spend your free time other than sleeping? Also, may you follow me back? Thank you.

Thank you for the QOTD. I actually wrote stories a lot. Usually comes from my daily life. Besides from that, I'll take photos and also do some cooking because I ate a lot haha. I have followed some people. Did I still haven't follow u yet?

seruni. · 12 answers · 1y

have you ever related to some songs? which song and why?

I have a lot, actually. The current one is Let You Break My Heart Again by Laufey. It's not a favorite but my all-time listen. Because it keeps on remembering how I should let my heart heal and wouldn't be break again, just to be with someone and become enough for them.

seruni. · 6 answers · 1y

do you agree with "if you really love them, you should letting them go"?

not at all. Karena menurut aku, hal tersebut gak bisa dipakai di semua skenario kehidupan. Okay, beberapa orang akan lebih tenang dan lega setelah melepaskan. Namun dalam beberapa kesempatan, terkadang bertahan dan berjalan bersama-sama menghadapi tantangan itu bisa memberikan outcome yang lebih baik untuk kedua pihak ❤️

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