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tell me the most unrealistic scene you often see in movies (or sinetron) that irritates the hell out of you.

aku jadi keinget scene pocong terbang terus masuk ke mesin pengaduk semen hahaba😭😭😭

obviously it was when they were almost run over by a slow-moving car. instead of saving their life, they opted for a silly dramatic scene (:

belum lama ini lihat di fyp tiktok, ada potongan scene film (tapi lupa judulnya), ada yang minta tolong karena dia lagi lari dari pembunuh, si ibu-ibu yang dimintain tolong dari dalem mobil bukannya gercep malah sibuk nanya-nanya dulu OH GOD STRESS SENDIRI LIHATNYA. padahal pembunuhnya udah didepan mata.

Pernah nonton The Platform by Netflix gak? Dia bunuh lalu makan tawanannya sendiri karena persediaan makanan penjara tinggal dikit. Jelas banget cara mereka mutilasi, motong badannya dsb. Itu sih scene agak gross wkwkwk tapi suka karena ada pesan tersendiri nya, coba nonton kalo suka thriller.

i gotta say… most indonesian movies are unrealistic and nonsensical, but i’ll take one for example. before dear david, there’s di bawah umur which has the main character ended up with a guy who set up camera in her room, and she really thinks THAT’S CUTE. the whole movie is very questionable, indeed, goosebumps…

that scene where one cross the road and get hits by a car. the dramatic stop and the 'kyaaaaaaaa' and the zoom in zoom out yada yada then the casualty's body rolls dramatically on the street that suddenly looks like it's downhill. dramatic as fuck. i never actually saw someone had time to screaming but didn't have time to save themself when in a danger of being hit by a car.

When they're going to be hit by a car. Bro, you'll just stand still in shock, mana kepikiran teriak lebay sampe lama banget. (Talking from experience)

everyone would agree with every tabrakan scene. or when the male actor died like DIED because the doctor couldn't save him and the wife/gf couldn't accept that so she tried to made him live again, ignored all the hospital protocol and it works, the male actor live again 🥲

It definitely is that one particular scene in Terrifier 2 when the clown cut someone's head then made it as a candy-box during the Halloween celebration.

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