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So, how do you deal with grief?

Try not to dwell on it too much and i tend to talk it out with someone i trust to cope with it bcs sometimes i do overthink a lots and its bad for me. If you can’t fix it just accept the reality and let it flow.

I don't, I live with it and hope it wouldn't eat me everytime 👌🏻 ga si ujung2nya minum biar lupa bentar

Tbh we can't get past that, I mean grief just can't be missed so just let it flow and go with the situation, being weak once in a while is never wrong bcs there's no human who won't be grief about something

I once read that, “you never deal with it and you won’t get over it. But you’ll learn to live with it.” And i guess that’s what keeping me alive until now.

Short answer, I deal with grief like this: acknowledge the pain, allow myself to feel it, seek support from loved ones or a professional, and engage in self-care activities.

i tend to let it be. i'd never try to conceal it! but, when it bothers me so much to the level of decreasing my productivity, i'll give myself some rest by being all alone. sometimes i sleep, sometimes i binge-watch kdramas, things like that seem simple, yet it helps!

I rather sleep for a long time, to be honest i don't want to remember that time when i'm feeling blue.. i slept more than twelve hours just conceal my blue feelings.

Grief, especially when in the face of death, is something I rarely associate myself with. I'd like to think that this is what happens when you've come into terms with death. It just so happens, and I accept it as it is. I deal with grief, through acceptance.

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