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LaDamaX asked about 2 hours ago · 4 Answers

What inventions/gadgets have you seen on tv or in movies that you wish were real and why?

First thing that comes to mind: the hoverboard. That would just be really neat/funny. I guess an even greater anti-gravity machine would be like what holds up the cars in The Fifth Element and other movies like Star Trek: Into Darkness though. No more traf


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Daniel asked about 9 hours ago · 7 Answers

Do you have a stretching routine?

I used to do stretches with my mom and I would just follow her lead and she'd do different things different times. And a couple of times we followed a DVD we had with stretching or exercising routines or YouTube videos. We haven't been doing that since we


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LaDamaX asked about 3 hours ago · 4 Answers

What did you think were some indicators of wealth as a child? Ex: You had more than 2 pairs of shoes that you wore to school.

You wore all the popular name brand stuff. You had the popular video game consoles and video games. I guess you didn't have to be wealthy for those to apply, you just had not to be poor and/or have accommodating parents. But I can't think of anything else.


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LaDamaX asked about 3 hours ago · 4 Answers

What’s the pettiest reason that you won’t date somebody?

Daniel asked about 8 hours ago · 11 Answers

How do you initiate sex?

Pandy asked about 8 hours ago · 6 Answers

Would you stay in a relationship that all of your friends, family and acquaintances say you should end?

Yes. Though if they all felt that way there's a good chance there really are good reasons for me not to stay in the relationship, so I may be a little on the fence about it to begin with.

Daniel asked about 9 hours ago · 11 Answers

Do you find math boring?

No, I find it fascinating, but not worth the effort to learn.

Daniel asked about 13 hours ago · 12 Answers

Menstrual cups-yay or nay?

BidenLadysMan asked about 13 hours ago · 2 Answers

Can u be racist against white ppl? 🤔

Yes, of course. I've seen a few black people who were racist against white people in my time. It's not the same, though, because it's not as institutionalized or ubiquitous as the other way around, and it's only in reaction to black oppression.

BidenLadysMan asked about 13 hours ago · 2 Answers

They should make revenge of the jocks.. so it takes place after revenge of the nerds and the nerds are billionaire dicks. The jocks are in dead end jobs so they rise up to take on the nerds. Turn the heroes into the villains 😁

BidenLadysMan asked about 12 hours ago · 2 Answers

I heard of a guy so terrified of his parents death that he tried to convince himself to hate them. He figures that ppl u hate dying hurts less than ppl u love dying, what do u tell someone like that?

better to mourn the loss of a loved one than to destroy the love

Shannon asked about 16 hours ago · 10 Answers

How old was you when you got your first mobile phone?

Shannon asked about 16 hours ago · 7 Answers

What age should a child be before they get a mobile phone?

At the age when they'd be socially excluded and hate you if you don't give them a smartphone.

Shannon asked about 16 hours ago · 9 Answers

What's your opinion on adult only weddings?

Shannon asked about 20 hours ago · 3 Answers

A woman asked her cousion to be the god parent of her child, but the god parent refused to be a nanny basically she revoked the god parent title. She knows is going to find another god parent so she can have free baby sitting should the ex god parent warn the new god parent?

No, the new godparent has the freedom to revoke the title as well or just to refuse to babysit. Also, for all we know maybe it's best that the mother win a free babysitter. Maybe she desperately needs one.