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Kate Matsuda asked about 5 hours ago · 8 answers

Me and my girl often text each other like: <3 instead of hearts. Since Iwas mad about her I answered: 2.9 . You?

I think I used to send <2 to someone. just for fun.

Dingus asked about 9 hours ago · 5 answers

How much olive oil do you add to your bath?

2 parts olive oil, 2 parts vinegar, 1 part hummus to 16 parts water.

Taycat Pancake asked about 21 hours ago · 3 answers

What is your favorite thing that you haven't made yet?

My favorite EDM song. My favorite philosophy book exposing the follies of rationalism, physicalism and scientism and the reasonability of the spiritual, mystical and mythological. And how society conditions people from an early age to deaden their valuable, living, creative, intuitive, holistic, mythic, wet, feminine "right-brained" thinking in favor of an imbalance toward the the analytical, cold, hard, categorizing, representational, objectifying, masculine "left-brained" thinking.

Daniel asked about 11 hours ago · 12 answers

Is god non-binary?

God is as much a He as God is a She, but does that mean God is both a He and a She, or neither a He nor a She, or something in between them? I think God probably both embeds and transcends all polarities, and m/f is an important, universal one, so the answer is probably that God is both a He and a She and more. Does that make God non-binary? He still contains the binary essences of man and woman, but he's not limited to choosing one, so which is it?

Ailey asked about 19 hours ago · 4 answers

say you were a robber but you only rob people the stuff that minorly inconvenience them, what would you steal?

A asked 4 days ago · 8 answers

Are you into something that may not be considered 'normal'?

I want to be peed on by a girl, but considering how much porn of that there is available, maybe that's not actually that abnormal. =P

Merida asked 1 day ago · 11 answers

Do you need to talk about your life or daily basis to others? How does it make you feel?

Yeah, I want to be understood. Maybe I want people to know how much I've suffered -- I'm not exactly sure why, because I don't think it's sympathy I want. I'm not sure exactly what you mean by "daily basis." If you mean what all my days have in common, I might want to discuss that, but it might depress me. If you mean discuss what happened each day on that day, I think that would just feel tedious.

Pandy asked 1 day ago · 11 answers

Honesty Time! Did you ever have a crush on one of your teachers? (If so, what did you like about them?)

My teacher Mrs. Johnson was really hot and would flirt with her junior high students, wear a see-through dress, put troublemakers against the front wall of the class where they could see up her thigh of her leg lifted in her chair, etc.

I sort of had a crush on a college teacher, too, she had a pretty face and I loved the way she talked, her voice would rise and sink almost like a song, but she was kinda chubby.

Daniel asked about 24 hours ago · 9 answers

What do you think does an electrical engineer do?

Daniel asked 1 day ago · 11 answers

How do the recent rapid developments in artificial intelligence make you feel?

A little excited for what's possible / going to be possible, and a little angry for how the technology will be / is being abused

Kate Matsuda asked 1 day ago · 7 answers

Was travelling with the Pais subway Métro. I took the wrong line. Like on any station worldwide the travel info by audio announcement was uncomprehensibly distored. We can fill big statiums with music and sound and opera and speeches and choirs. What is so difficult about stations then? Why does it in all languages sound like a herd of ducks quacking? Damn it!!

I'm not sure, it could be that train stations have horrible acoustics because of their shape. Maybe there are possible measures to counteract that, but maybe it would be way too expensive to convince whoever directs money flow to invest that much in making the audio clearer. Music venues have a much larger incentive to sound good. Opera halls and other places where opera singers and choirs sing are pre-designed to have great acoustics, or even if they're not, they may not be shaped as bad as a train station.

Arthur asked 1 day ago · 8 answers

What would you ask to someone who's very important in your field?

LaDamaX asked 1 day ago · 7 answers

What’s your favorite slang word? Use it in a sentence.

dunno/gonna/buttload (I bet that crack house has a buttload of crack in it)

LaDamaX asked 1 day ago · 8 answers

What’s something that you think that most people look silly doing if you saw it from afar?

Vittorio Abbate asked 4 days ago · 5 answers

Ariana Grande or Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift, I love two of her songs, I don't like any songs by Ariana Grande. Also Ariana Grande seems more like a fame-tool to me.

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