DUST asked 22 days ago

What's the most caloric food you ever had?


What's the most caloric food you ever had?


Answered by xvilyv

Alcohol is ridiculously calorie dense, if 'food' can include that.

Answered by board

Ummm probably my mum's chocolate torte... I feel no shame though.

Answered by Pandy

probably some ridiculous amount of pizza with extra cheese and sausage with the butter garlic crust


Answered by J1smith

Too many to start tallying up

Answered by IAWIA

The monte drink by Zott.

ass (if it's especially phat)

Answered by slagathor

Smoked white pork lard. Spiced with red hot pepper powder and a pinch of salt. Not too bad, but only digestable for me in very thin slices on bread.

Answered by Kate

I'm not sure, I don't bother counting calories or finding out how many calories things have. I think biscuits & gravy has an obscene amount of calories? I've had that..

Answered by inhahe