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What is beauty in your opinion?


What is beauty in your opinion?

I have different standards for different things. It would depend on what I’m “judging” or giving my opinion about? Car? Person? Home? Art?

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something gorgeous and amazing

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A conundrum of philosophy.

There are lots of opinion on beauty, or being beautiful...!! For me outer beauty does matter when it comes with politeness & respect.

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women wearing their hair in a high bun. it's like, okay okay, just step on me already

Something that enlightens or uplifts you because it's so aesthetically pleasing or elegant.

I think beauty in essence embodies/reflects/conveys cosmic truths.

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Hard to put into words bc it can be in many forms. There's beauty in kindness and caring for others, there's beauty in the love of a parent to a child, there's beauty in sensitivity and vulnerability, there's beauty in being yourself even when everyone els


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