Wasserpistole asked 5 days ago

If you are not a vegetarian, vegan etc. would you enjoy eating things like liver, brain, kidney from an animal?

Beef tripe and tongue for me, thanks. :)



I did ate liver when I was a kid. Never enjoyed it tho. Ugh

None for me thanks, I already feel n a s t y when I'm eating the muscle tissue

But that's because I come from a life of privilege

I have eaten all of those things. Liver and onions is good. Fried brain, and scramble is good. Kidney is good in chili and stew. My favorite form of offal are gizzards.



I'm not big on organ meat...I've only had liver and it was OK, but I would try other stuff

I've eaten liver, and it was okay. I would NOT enjoy eating brain. OMG. And I hear they're really salty anyway. Don't know about kidney. Is that nutritious?


no thx, I only like parts of animal that have skeletal muscle on them