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Daniel · 10 answers · 7d

What's on your mind lately?

LaDamaX · 6 answers · 2d

What is a piece of advice that people swear by but is actually quite terrible?

Don't stop believing.

You can stop believing. You can stop not not believing. Don't not stop believing.

Arthur · 3 answers · 2d

Is among us an educational game, since it teaches an important life skill that is distrust?

Arthur · 6 answers · 1d

Why are so many sports played with a ball? Are there any sports played with a cube instead?

Arthur · 5 answers · 1d

Would you be interested in participating in a dice throwing competition?

Pandy · 6 answers · 2d

What is something this community knows about you that your mother doesn't?

Actually, I like to think no one anywhere remembers anything about me, including my mommy. Like I'm a ghost, or that guy that wrote that song, idr his name

Daniel · 9 answers · 7d

Do you usally open the door when someone rings the doorbell?

Arthur · 5 answers · 6d

Would it be difficult to hook up a calculator to chat gpt? It can't do math right.

I dont know. How diffcult would it be to breastfeed chat gpt and raise it to be something better, like a bar of soap, or a rock? These are the questions

Shannon. · 9 answers · 4d

Do you think plus size people should be able to cosplay none plus size chrachters and none plus size people should be able to cosplay plus size chrachters?

Yes. I feel like it's a bad road to be like "I can't play dress up because I'm not the shape of a cartoon character!" And it's a really bad road to say that not having the shape of a fictional person and then dressing up as them is comparable to something fucked-up and racist, like when Trudeau is painting himself brown and going "dUHHHHH, hahahah, im Aladdin u guys hahahah wow duuuuuh."

So just, you know, have fun, don't do racist shit. There you go.

Shannon. · 11 answers · 11d

Did your high school look like a prison?

No, they looked like high schools that weren't for wealthy areas. Sorta like one big badly lit, chipping paint, out-of-order toilets, break room in a plastics factory. Prisons are real bad here.

LaDamaX · 9 answers · 6d

What letter of the alphabet are you built like and why?

The letter 7, because I have long wind-blown hair, am reletively slim, and I have scoliosis

Kate Matsuda · 5 answers · 10d

"Women are nowhere in engineering and science". In 1925 Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin wrote a thesis that the sun was mostly composed of hydrogen and helium and her professor called it 'impossible'. Years later he knew she was right and was credited for her idea and discovery. That is how women's work is often represented. Did you know?

Did I know about institutionalized
misogyny? Yeh, I can name at least three of its albums

Pandy · 9 answers · 9d

Do you like sitting alone in the dark? (watching tv, playing games or whatever else you do on your own in the dark)

No, I guess not. I've not, in my memory, ever consciously been like, "I don't like this!" But you can tell by the use of string lights in my homes all through my adulthood that I've never liked it.

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