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local embarrassment

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Aaron asked about 8 hours ago · 2 answers

What’s one hobby you just don’t understand? Btw the answer is rock climbing and sky diving FUCK those

Aaron asked about 7 hours ago · 3 answers

What’s one word in your native language (or maybe just generally) that you absolutely can’t tolerate people mispronouncing?

I don't know, I think mispronouncing words is kind of hilarious, it sparks joy. It only bugs me when people willfully mispronounce non-english names or words, because they think nothing matters or counts but English.

Aaron asked about 8 hours ago · 3 answers

In your opinion, what movie or TV show is in desperate need of new episodes or a new season?

None, I'm big into letting the dead stay dead tbh

Aaron asked about 8 hours ago · 4 answers

What do you think is the best time of your life? I think your 30’s are the best because you’re still young enough to do all the physical stuff, but old enough to be financially stable and possibly have a career and/or family. It’s really the only timespan you get that sweet spot. 20’s you’re active but immature, and 40’s you’re really declining physically

I'm 30, I had a good time one time since my birthday, so you must be right

Stay positive, kids. God bless.

Ofc, not having a family is the main reason I'm not having the worst possible time rn

But different strokes. We salute people of all stars and stripes

I've kinda always thought that if you live to an advanced age you probably have healthcare and a huge collection of vinyls, and you can't get pregnant. So it's the best time of your life.

Aaron asked 3 days ago · 2 answers

Finallllyyyyyyyyy I got them to open oh my Goddddd Jesus Chrisssttttt I don’t even want them now

Aaron asked 3 days ago · 6 answers

If the gender you’re not attracted to offered you a lot of money to pretend being their spouse for an evening event, would you consider?

I think only a bunch of straight men are so afraid or bothered by the idea of people just thinking they're in a relationship with someone who isn't a woman, that they'd need to be paid to simply let people think that.

Kate Matsuda asked 3 days ago · 11 answers

Did your parents ever approve of your friend you brought home? Did your mom think your love interest was a good person? What did she say?

LaDamaX asked 3 days ago · 14 answers

Romantically speaking, do you prefer a “straight shooter” or someone who is more into the “chase”?

Well, shit, I don't want to "chase" anyone because it makes them sound like prey. And I'm also wary of both straight people and gun owners, so maybe no straight shooters.

I just want to be with people who are socially inept in the same way I am, and don't see any fun in fkn around and not sayin how you really do.

LaDamaX asked 3 days ago · 15 answers

What do you seemingly attract?

LaDamaX asked 4 days ago · 15 answers

Are you wifey material? 😉

Arman asked 4 days ago · 11 answers

Cameron Diaz or Monica Bellucci?

What are they doing, battling to the death? I remember that Diaz claims she actually learned some unspecified martial arts in preparation for Charlie's Angels. I don't really believe it, but if it is true, I think she's more likely to come out on top.

Kate Matsuda asked 7 days ago · 8 answers

As I am on my way back from France and lack my guide and translator I stand in awe listening to the flight attendant who repeats fluent in five languages the simple instructions to a crowd of mindless sheep.

When I'm in a relatively diverse crowd of people I always end up thinking about how at least one person in it is probably dope as hell.

Arman asked 4 days ago · 8 answers

If you were happy at that moment, why do you regret it now?

Jumping out of the swing is fun, but you always hit the ground again.

Arthur asked 4 days ago · 10 answers

How do you convince someone that what they're doing is creepy?

If they don't listen when you tell them directly that what they're doing is creepy, then I'm not sure. Because if they refuse to listen to you, then I feel it's less likely that they don't know, and more likely that they don't care.

Shannon asked 5 days ago · 17 answers

Have you ever had a dream about killing someone?

I don't remember it if I have. I don't remember having any dreams where I've done anything violent. I remember seeing violent things happen in dreams, but I'm not doing them.

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