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How do you know a person is not simply bad but instead situations had made them to act or behave that way?

If I may ask, how do you measure the kindness or badness of a person? There are various factors and perspectives to consider. For starters, try changing your perspective on the subject and observe what might be wrong with their surroundings. Moreover, consider their past experiences, background, and current environment. Understanding the context of their actions can reveal whether situational factors are at play. Fell free to DM me, and i can give you a case to discuss, or we could exchange stories 😉

Looking to find out more about their past or the reason why they did it? A bad situation cannot be the basis for everything being bad.

Well, it's still bad for me. Just because your life bad, you don't have to make everyone else feels bad too.

i usually observe the context behind someone's behaviour without judgement, then i'll ask why they did it and consider assessing whether the action or misbehaviour is repeated and whether they appear to enjoy it.

I always make it a point to not judge someone immediately. To figure this out, I'll look at the bigger picture and see how consistently they act like that.

Sometimes, people have no choice but to do something wrong, and it might be their first time. I won't call them bad; even though what they did isn't right, I can understand why they did it.

you don't.. that's just how life is, you never know if someone actually meant what they said or did and there's probably nothing u can do about it.. well, most of the time

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