Aderyn Ursa · 15 answers · 7y

If you could switch places with someone for a day who would it be?

Hm.. good question... I think I'd switch places with Freya, closest I can come to a female version of myself so it be fun to see how it'd be lol ;D

Frey, I'm sure I could help him get rid of a few of his fan girls, being a girl yourself has a few.. advantages if you will~ ;)

Well, my brother I guess or maybe Io, that could be fun and I'd trust them not to do anything weird with my body ^^

Depends.. say if I killed myself as that person, would I still return to my own body?

Probably Mu, would be interesting to see what he does and how he feels about everything

Hmm... well, I guess it be fun to be someone who's very different from me... So maybe Hyoga? Or possibly someone like Nova. Would be interesting to see how that would turn out. ^w^

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