Wanna feel greedy for happiness.

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Juandra. · 7 answers · 4mo

If you like someone, and that person turns out to like your friend. What would you do?

Oh... that's might be a little hurt. If my friend like them too, then maybe I'll take a little time to be alone until I can face both of them without feeling hurt

Callysta. · 9 answers · 5mo

Hi-hello, Callysta's precious souls! May I know what you guys think about me? Feed my ego please. 🥺 And well, thank you 🫐 muchies! <3

Callysta. · 11 answers · 7mo

Heeeei, aku new theme. 😋

Callysta. · 12 answers · 6mo

Hei, kalau kalian lagi jenuh sama apapun, lalu auranya berasa negatif terus, biasanya kalian ngapain buat ngatasinnya?

Parisa Moon · 19 answers · 7mo

What is your biggest regret?

Hm.... it's apply to everything, since i have many regret in 2023, so it's... I regret I didn't do it earlier

cikolatuasan · 3 answers · 7mo

halooo! aku ciko, salam kenal semua! rate dong hari ini gimanaa? apa ada kabar baik??

Hey, Ciko! rate hari ini karena baru tengah hari jadi 4/10 dulu. Kalau kamu?

Parisa Moon · 20 answers · 7mo

If you had three wishes, what would you wish for?

૮꒰ ౨ৎ 。˵• ﻌ •˵。꒱ა ♡ · 4 answers · 7mo

As soon 2023 is coming to the end, let’s fill this query as your own journal: write down things you’ve done on 2023! It can be smallest or biggest thing, write it as much as you want, show them! Be proud of yourself. 🩷

Um.... I don't remember any smallest thing (pelupa). Not that biggest too I think because I just attending my idol's concert and finishing my bachelor degree hehe. Wish I can be proud of myself later. Thank you, pretty!

Jiya. · 10 answers · 7mo

kalian suka dengerin podcast di spotify nggak?

Tidaaak, aku ngga tau podcast yang seru didengerin di spotify apa... ada rekomendasi gaa?

yiyel · 10 answers · 7mo

kalian pernah denger cerita paus 52 hertz gak? jadi tuh ceritanya ada satu paus tapi dia ini beda sama paus paus yang lain. nah biasanya kan paus itu ngeluarin suara di frekuensi sekitar 12 - 25 hertz aja, tapi paus yang ini frekuensi suaranya sampe tuh 52 hertz. nah karena frekuensi suaranya tinggi banget, paus paus yang lain gak bisa denger suaranya jadi paus 52 hertz ini gapunya temen alias dia paus yang kesepian... :( sedih gak sih

Wah... ngga pernah denger aku.. sedih banget hidup sendirian gitu, dia bener-bener engga punya siapa-siapa lagi ya? terus endingnya gimana?

Callysta. · 12 answers · 7mo

Temen-temen yang followan X sama aku, aku bawel banget yaaa? T____T

Engga tau, tapi kelihatannya ngga... kita ngga mutualan soalnya😭. Mau mutualan aja ga kita, Callysta?

Jiya. · 6 answers · 7mo

Hallo, did something good happen to you today?

I finally got some full rest today and got my wishlist photocard of my biases. 😭🫶

yiyel · 13 answers · 7mo

rate minggu ini 1-10

Jiya. · 8 answers · 7mo

what is a book you'd like to recommend and why is it?

AAAA aku udah lama ga baca buku, terakhir baca buat skripsi... Haruskah aku rekomen Pengantar Ilmu Komunikasi by Deddy Mulyana 😭.

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