Gebiel Edelio · 11 answers · 7mo

What did you do to cheer yourself up? I need some idea.

I don't know. Fooling around with my friends work wonder most of the times. I have very funny friends.

I often find comfort in chatting with my girlfriend, she has her own way to cheer me up. Apart from that, I usually take a good nap, waking up tends to improve my mood.

me time, lakuin hal yang biasanya bikin happy such as nonton, hype my favo, baca-baca, atau shopping

To lift my spirits, I love to take a moment and focus on breathing in the present moment. Then, I allow my words to pour forth freely, channeling my emotions onto the page. I find refuge in comforting movies on Netflix while I am wrapped in the warmth of a soft blanket. The world feels like a warmer, kinder place as I allow myself to relax and take a step back from the hustle and bustle of reality. For these brief moments, I am at peace, my heart and soul feeling light and at ease.

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