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@liz£h asked 7 months ago

Can you overlook anything from your partner's past?


Can you overlook anything from your partner's past?

Speaking as the person normally on the other end of the practice of "overlooking" things about your partner's past, I don't like it. If you need to ignore something about my past to want to be with me, then I think you're better off moving on down the line.

I think mostly. I haven’t discovered any deep dark secret… YET.

Only the things that I might know but the unknown things likely too. People do not expect me to tolerate much, but I do. When you are my partner I do put a lot of trust in you including that you might not repeat former errors again and again. I have done many dumb and idiotic and uncharming things during my past, my own behaviour was not beyond doubt and I hope to not repeat it so I give everybody I know more than second chances.

not anything, most things I would say, I'm good with second chances and giving people an opportunity to redefine themselves

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