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馃摐 dearest friends,

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Febri 8 answers 1y

kalian percaya reinkarnasi? kalau iya, mau jadi apa di kehidupan selanjutnya?

Matthias Helio D. 10 answers 1y

What do you think falling in love feels like?

Parama Abbe. 13 answers 1y

Kegiatan yang cocok dilakuin malam-malam gini apa, ya..

Parama Abbe. 13 answers 1y

Does anyone want to be mutual on twitter? I want to liven up my dry timeline and interact with lots of people. If it鈥檚 a yes, please reply with your username below!

aina 鐖 32 answers 1y

when the last time did you cry?

Arthroine, Mariedna. 6 answers 1y

What鈥檚 your intake about child free?

馃摐: suatu hal yang perlu didiskusikan setiap pasangan. Karena menurutku itu hal yang sangat amat perlu dipikirkan matang. Tentang kesiapan wanita dalam mengandung,melahirkan, dan mental serta kesiapan suami sebagai kepala keluarga yang pasti perlu menafkahi segala kebutuhan.


Give me your top 3 sad songs?

adissa 鈾 12 answers 1y

if you were an animal what you would be and why? :o

饟啯鈾○搯 饾厔 鈰 14 answers 1y

would you tell me about your opinion about tokio {or me...}? <3

Namilo Leander. 13 answers 1y

ding dong, how's your day? give me your tmi.

馃摐: hari ini aku bimbang mau beli kimchi atau ngga. Karena takut terlalu asam dan akhirnya ngga habis 馃槥

Aurora Khione 11 answers 1y

hey guys! i just want to make sure if your day is going well? anyway i have a question (you can skip, its ok for me) do you guys believe in reincarnation? or not? reason would be nice. have a great night y鈥檃ll 馃尫馃挆 - xoxo, adena

Earlan Frederick. 9 answers 1y

Tell me your favorite songs. I鈥檓 getting bored with my playlist.

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