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When was the last time you ghosted someone or got ghosted?

A few months ago I went on a date with a nice girl. It was pleasant imo. Sparks weren't flying but I wouldn't have minded a second one. At that end of that date she pulled out her phone, asked me when I'm free for dinner, asked me for my number.... but the days leading up to dinner when I texted her to confirm we were still on for dinner it was radio silence. Like ma'am you didn't have to do all that

A few years ago, one of my closest friends, I am absolutely devastated, stunned, heartbroken that she couldn't talk to me about whatever it was. I'm gutted, it still feels like it happened yesterday

Fun fact: When I first started dating my husband he tried to ghost me, but I hunted his ass down. I INSISTED on and DESERVED an explanation.

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