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ask me about my tempur-pedic
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LaDamaX · 10 answers · 5mo

Come out come out wherever you are… It’s awfully quiet around here.

Arthur · 9 answers · 8mo

What are some good songs to listen to while spending the afternoon outside beneath a scorching Sun producing temperatures over 40°C?

Kate Matsuda · 11 answers · 8mo

Can I go back to my home planet please? You're all so weird here!

Pandy · 14 answers · 8mo

With one month left in 2023 - is this year going according to plan for you?

LaDamaX · 10 answers · 9mo

Team Oxford comma or nah?

I think both ways are valid and it's not just because I read the answers to this before I answered and realized I have the minority opinion.

Pandy · 13 answers · 9mo

What are your thoughts on people who pee in the sea or other public bodies of water (lakes, rivers etc.)?

LaDamaX · 13 answers · 9mo

Are you the life of the party or more of a wallflower?

Kate Matsuda · 6 answers · 9mo

Last time somebody made a comment on your outfit totally misunderstanding the wardrobe and the sense in it? And what did they say?

"Your pants are cut at the bottom and it's not even straight." Pshh its called grunge mom, look it up. And not everything has to be this essay iwill

Daniel · 9 answers · 9mo

Which generation do you belong to?

Arthur · 8 answers · 9mo

So a paramilitary militia (not bandits, but former cops) decided to set fire to 35 buses and one train in the west zone of Rio (not where I live) after a police operation. Way more than bandits did and effectively stopping people's commute in a very populous area and during peak hours. Thoughts?

Kate Matsuda · 10 answers · 9mo

Did you know that during the Victorian time it was common practice among men to pin your lovers pubic hair to their hats as a token of affection and love? Shall we reintroduce the habit?

Arthur · 9 answers · 10mo

Is it a big deal not being able to handwrite?

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