饾槙饾槳饾槼饾樂饾槩饾槸饾槩 was there, rare as the feathers on my dash from a 饾槺饾槱饾槹饾槮饾槸饾槳饾樄.

Munich, Bavaria.
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Sweet nothings or nothing, I guess?


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Seth. 10 answers 2mo

while I can hardly find one, would you tell me about a meaningful thing, a reason for you to keep holding on until today?


Hey ho, my dearest friend! Just wanted to take a moment to remind you how incredibly special you are to me and everyone in this world. Your presence in my life is truly a treasure I hold. I hope your life would be filled with immense joy and happiness as well. Please always be happy and have a wonderful day, bff! 鈾

Hey :] thank you for saying this! I hope all the good things coming back to you as well. You are worth to be loved and cared by everyone. I wish you love and happiness as well! Be happy as always, bff.

Gracia 19 answers 5mo

Kalian team Daylight atau Lover?

Serenity 8 answers 6mo

Five TV shows to get to know you?

Fayaz 6 answers 6mo

Eh gimana ya biar gak keinget mantan terus?

Serenity 15 answers 6mo

What鈥檚 your comfort movie(s)? Mind telling me a bit of its premise ?

10 Things I Hate About You, Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind. I don't have any exact reason but yea ;) I love both of them so much to the part that I always told my surroundings how much I treasure it!

Someone's curious 路 6mo

I came here because I purely wanted to chat with you, there was no other purpose. Sorry to make you misunderstand. Thankfully we already follow each other so I hope we can chat if we get the chance.

And if that's the case, I'm sorry that I misunderstood you. :[ Thank you for saying that anyways! And, I don't mind at all if you want to talk since we're already follow eo, right? Feel free to hit me up whenever you want to talk, I'm all ears!

Jacks 7 answers 6mo

An assumption people often make about you that's completely untrue?

Someone's curious 路 6mo

Anyway, I got follow from ssefnum (happy). S-so do you still waiting me to knock on your dm?...

I am sorry, I'm a little bit confused here... I would be more appreciated it if you just reach me out on DM (in case you're really need someone to talk), and not including another party :] I don't want to missunderstood the meaning of it and make people think another way while I have someone on my side since a long time ago :] I hope this answered the question ya!

Someone's curious 路 6mo

Hey Nathanio, any plans for weekend?

Nothing much to do on this weekend! How about you? Have something fun to do or just spending the days on your room?

Fayaz 6 answers 6mo

Saran lagu buat pas lagi naik Transjakarta dong all

Someone's curious 路 6mo

Now I feel better. I will appear after got follow from ssefnum. Please wait, okay? Have a nice day, Nathanio.

Hey, I am sorry I just checked the inbox. I'm glad if you feel better anyways. I hope it will always be like that and even better than before, ya! Have a pleasant day too!

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