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C. · 11 answers · 1y

If handsome was a song…

Lukey · 7mo

any sport you’re interested in lately?

Michael Myers · 7mo

kok tiba tiba jadian aja sih

Michael Myers · 1y

Have you ever listened to drum and bass?

Michael Myers · 1y

Have you ever pet a bunny?

Asher · 8 answers · 1y

When you hesitate about something, do you just go for it or step back?

Depends? I'll think about it and make the comparison between the pros and cons of both to go or to get back

Michael Myers · 1y

Who's your k-pop girl crushes?

I have a long list of my girls but I'll tell you my Top 5: Minatozaki Sana, Kim Minju, Choi Lia, Krystal Jung, and Karina

Kathie ☻ · 12 answers · 1y

Please tell me about your first impression of me! wink ❤︎

You are like an everyone's-favorite-person, or more like everyone's-comfort-friend because you're sweet and friendly!

Michael Myers · 1y

What was your favourite song as a kid?

Supersonic Rocketship by The Kinks. I remember my dad played this on our way home from a long trip and the melody stucked in my head ever since. I used to just remember the melody and some audible words that I could sing along as a kid, but then as the time goes by I enjoy the whole song and its whole lyrics as well!

Goldie · 1y

can you tell me what’s your first impression on me? 😋

A very princess-like person I've met lately, or even this year. You deserve a POTY (Princess of The Year) (Bill Ver.)

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