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Kit-cat · 9mo

Engga dibales, berarti beneran inisial A.M. ya?

Kit-cat · 9mo

Hi, are you previously Avery Maurent?

Hey, sender! I’m sorry, but I feel like I’ve never used that name before Katherine... :c also, this is my first time hearing that name. I’m sorry once again! 🤍

Kit-cat · 9mo

Suggest me some of your friends to admire secretly on their Retro, pleek!

Siapa yang mau… (ANW THIS IS SO RANDOM and I’m sorry anon since I have no one in mind!)

Kit-cat · 9mo

heyKatie my Favorite Gurllll My Favorite Girllll twtetettwtwtewttw

Kit-cat · 9mo

Hey... You okay? You're eating well, right? Make sure to be happy, kitty. Miss you.

Hey, hey! Thank you for checking up on me, ya... but I’m totally fine, and I eat A LOT. So, no worries kok c: Anyway, who is this?

Jolene Everleigh · 13 answers · 11mo

Tell me what is your bad habit(s) that you wanna get rid of it!

Jolene Everleigh · 17 answers · 11mo

What was your favorite toy when you were a child?

I don’t know what her name is, but I named her, “Molly” back then! She was sweet and charming at the same time :3c she has been a very good friend to me since I was little! She always smiles, and she keeps the pink hat she has 🎩

Jolene Everleigh · 16 answers · 11mo

What is that one song you can’t help but sing along to?

Vié · 8 answers · 11mo

Hi guys, kalian ada yang make skincare safi sama cetaphil? Boleh review ngga ya :((

Aku cuman pernah pakai gentle cleanser-nya Cetaphil, cayang! But it was worth it <3 kulitku sensitive dan itu enak banget… busanya dikit terus habis pakai itu ngerasa bersih banget juga. Udahannya kayak pantat bayi :3

Aurora Khione · 21 answers · 11mo

Daily check question by guin part 02 ! 🧸🪄


Aurora Khione · 38 answers · 11mo


Not the only thing that I should have been proud of, but I love how easygoing I am and my mindset about the perspective of life :3 I changed my whole personality just in time because of the things I went through, and it was worth it! The bitter truth has been taught to me about life ever since. I’m so lucky and grateful to find my own path again. I love being me <3

David Michael. · 5 answers · 11mo

Can we stop this? Menurut aku jokes kayak gini tuh agak gimana gitu ya, sekali dua kali gapapa tapi kalo tiga kali empat dua belas. Tapi ini serius sih bagi orang yang ngikutin susah senengnya mereka nanti takut tambah dewasa takut aku kecewa takut tak seindah yang ku kira.

Vié · 11mo

HII, kathie??? I'm right?? Aku selalu liat kamu di timeline ku and you spread positive energy tiap aku liat kamuu, and sorry I stalk your account, I REALLY fall in love with the way you interact with your mutuals. Anw, can we mutual retro and tweet? Thank youuu! 🤍🤍

HI, CANTIK! :3c you guessed it right! Kamu lucu banget… thank you for saying that my sweet-pie! ^_^ aku juga baru stalk akun kamu (MAAF) and I can’t help it but fall in love with your set up 🤍 ayo kita mutualan dimana aja! You’re welcome sayangku ⭐️

Aurora Khione · 21 answers · 11mo

You know right now what's in the uproar needs more attention? Right, everyone's mental health, so i’ll try every day to give all of you ‘daily check questions’, hopefully it can help us be more grateful :D do you mind???

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