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following the bandwagon, mind to tell me your thoughts on this user? <3

Dara, my friend. Asik banget anaknya kalau diajak ngomong. Rame but not loud. Will always hyping you up whenever you feel confident and will ask you/give you comfort without any hesitation when you felt sad. Having Dara as a friend means that you will never feel alone because her presence is enough to fill the emptiness. You are bright, energetic, yet warm. That's why people (and me as well) love to hangout with you.

hi, we rarely talk. i couldn't imagine any special moment between us, but you seem funny.

aya! :] seingetku, first meeting kita tuh lumayan unik… tapi aku lupa gimana. 😭 aya awalnya keliatan cuek, kaya susah dideketin, tapi ini langsung berubah waktu aya ngedeketin aku duluan! ternyata aya friendly dan lucu banget… thank you for still sticking with me. 💗

Sure! Apa ya.. so far, you seems nice and you have a random side, it shown. Sayang kita belum ada obrolan panjang, jadi gak bisa kasih thoughts banyak buat saat ini. Semoga abis ini bisa makin sering ngobrolnya, Dara.

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