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How did you choose to spend Valentine's day? Did you treat yourself to something delicious and spent every minute of today happily?

Since Valentine's Day already passed a month ago, well, I spent valentine's with my boyfriend again this year. As usual, I choose to not eat chocolate >_< but no worries!!! I ate something delicious!!

Mm, it might be too late to answer but I’d love to spend my Valentine’s Day with my beloved one to do something at home. Like, cooking, making room decorations, learning how to make good stuff (crochet as example)! And yes, I treated myself with something delicious. ❤

I know it’s too late yet let me try to answer it. ㅋㅋㅋ I spent my Valentine’s Day well, even though I just stayed at home all day, and had a chocolate from my neighbor. :3 I was happy that time, moreover I got lots of little gifts from SKZ, and yeah my happiness is so simple. How about yours? Mind to tell me? 🥺

Instead of chocolates and delicious stuffs, I spent my money for game skins and I was happy. Katty, you need to tell me about yours too!

Yesterday got me no really special impression but I still could enjoy the entirety of Valentine’s day as I spent it with my lovely friends around. Speaking of delicious things, I spoiled myself with tasty meals that my starved belly stopped from being noisy!

hewoo, dd! i spent my valentine's day by doing grocery shopping with mom, buying cakes and snacks, and enjoying my time with fanfictions! it was amazing, hehe. how's yours? :o

I guess I did spend my Val’s day well, I grab some meals I’ve been wanting to try, spend my minutes perhaps happy accompanied with life music. How about you, Miss Kat?

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