a daisy personified.

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Caca asked 8 months ago · 9 answers

Racunin aku dengan cowok kpopmu please mau bucinin cowok kpop lagi

Caca asked 8 months ago · 9 answers

What pops on your mind when you think about Claire?

Katie asked 8 months ago · 8 answers

If you had to choose between being forgotten or being left alone, and I admit both sounds painful in a way that I wish you won’t have to experience them, which is more bearable for you and why?

being left alone, i feel fully content by myself dd! it doesnt sting as much as being forgotten

Katie asked 8 months ago · 8 answers

Let’s say you’re not exactly enjoying your day, but upon hearing these words, it reminded you that life isn’t all that bad. What is that phrase that is guaranteed to give you comfort, or at least help to make you feel a little better?

that i have been doing my best every single day, no matter how ups and downs every moment can be. that i am needed by someone to exist around them!

Katie asked 8 months ago · 10 answers

What’s your favorite type of flower, and is there any particular reason behind why you chose that?

iiiii don't really have any but if i have to choose it would be white rose because it's pretty!

Katie asked 8 months ago · 8 answers

How do you define ‘love’ and what are the ways which you do in order to express it to your surroundings?

love is a genuine feeling for me, it can be to anyone or anything. when i love someone, i tend to build more trust and comfort around them by clinging on them. i have many ways to show "love" though..

Katie asked 8 months ago · 11 answers

Have you been kind to yourself these days? I hope you’re doing okay.

well.. i have and have not been. it usually depends on how hard i push myself everyday. but thank you for being such a kindhearted soul, dd.

Noe. asked 7 months ago · 3 answers

Quick question. How to manage your anger within a short time?

TBH nggak pernah bisa redain marah secepet kilat tapi my trick is to say silent for as long as i need sampai emosiku bisa mereda. it kinda helps me to stay sane kak :o

Katie asked 10 months ago · 7 answers

I would appreciate it if you could let me know what brought you a reason to smile today! Tell me everything, don't leave out any details.

my cute outfit that i wore for college, my happy customers seeing their results, and probably my boyfriend's existence. hehe. we're getting back together again, if you wanna know! also, you. you're one of the reason for my happiness <3

Katie asked 10 months ago · 9 answers

How did you choose to spend Valentine's day? Did you treat yourself to something delicious and spent every minute of today happily?

hewoo, dd! i spent my valentine's day by doing grocery shopping with mom, buying cakes and snacks, and enjoying my time with fanfictions! it was amazing, hehe. how's yours? :o

Precious being. asked 10 months ago

I love to see you and your boyfriend together, please don’t listen to those hate comments. Both of you deserve a happy journey together!

thank you so much for the kind words, anon! we aren't together again now, but it was amazing to have someone that actually loved our relationship hehe

Katie asked 10 months ago · 9 answers

Valentine’s day is coming up, do you have anyone you were hoping to spend it with?

Gavin. asked 10 months ago

Your most go to foods selain geprek apa dd?

Jo asked 10 months ago

Kak Owin udah senyum belum hari ini?

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