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A WW2 bomb has been found in Plymouth (England). The neighbourhood has been evacuated and now angry commentators are like this: Why did they bury a bomb in their garden in the first place? Send the bill to Germany! Let it stay where it is as it hasn't blown up since many years now it will not do so now! Will improve Plymouth if it goes off! - What do you think?

hey did you all know the US (and almost certainly Russia too, they're not telling) have multiple 'missing' nuclear weapons since the cold war? Those are possibly under somebody's garden as well...anyway evacuation and disarming it seems like the right move, there would be no pleasing everybody anyway, a different group would be screaming if they hadn't

oh and LMAO at people in England screaming about sending a bill somewhere, the UK should pay a fuckton of bills for all the global death and misery they've exported - the absolute nerve of them

The commenters just make me think of the hoi polloi. Remove the bomb and I guess evacuate the neighborhood in the meantime if they deem that necessary.

Commentators are paid by word so this is their way of maximizing income. Ignore them.

It should be removed. There was a similar incident in a national park with a Japanese balloon bomb was accidentally set off after a group of campers started a fire directly over where it was buried.

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