Rumaisha A, J.

Typa girl you wanna ice up.

South Jakarta, Indonesia
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Kindly drop your curiousity, but please ask me nicely.


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odie! · 5 answers · 5mo

what is your favorite K-Pop songs?

I have many though. Songs from Love Yourself: Tear album by Bangtan and the whole Reveal album from THE BOYZ. Autumn Leaves, Embarrassed, Hold Me Tight, Let Me Know, Like, Miss Right, Text Me Back, Kiss Me If You Can, Butterfly, Survive The Night, Bet On You.. And yeap. Mostly from Bangtan and THE BOYZ. :]

𓆩♡𓆪 𝅄 ⋆ · 10 answers · 5mo

hello there! who would like to be friended with me on x? <3 (currently wanting to add new friends but do not want to find any from the base 😵‍💫)

· 5 answers · 6mo

hey pretty lads and gents 💋 spill product lippies favorite kalian dong? hot fellas don’t gatekeep!

Any or Wardah lippies products so it could be halal for my and my bf kissing mumumumu. 💋

Shella. · 7 answers · 6mo

Saran film buat ditonton pas liburan dong, west/korea/indonesia bebas asal jangan horror soalnya aku penakut

Divergent series, Twilight series, terus karena sekarang aku lagi movie marahon Harry Potter series kamu bisa nonton itu juga heheheh.

Parisa Moon · 19 answers · 7mo

What is your biggest regret?

Vincent. · 7 answers · 7mo

Kalian tau bahasa inggrisnya ikan sapu-sapu nggak?

Marine. · 20 answers · 7mo

hey! lemme kno, if you can choose one cookies or bread or cake, which one your favorite? 🧐

Curious Catto · 7mo

hai kak maisha! pacarku suka banget ngomongin kakak katanya kakak cantik dan rapi. dia suka bacain post kakak soal TBZ soalnya dia juga suka TBZ. makasih ya udah jadi sumber kebahagian pacarku. :D

Hai! Aku minta maaf banget kalau misalnya presensiku bikin kamu nggak nyaman. Aku minta maaf kalau misalnya aku bikin kamu cemburu atau kesel, dengan atau tanpa kamu sadari ya? I’m sure you’re even prettier. Lebih lanjutnya boleh ngobrol di dm? Kalau kita nggak mutualan let me know by mention okay? Nanti aku dm duluan.

Curious Catto · 7mo

Kok gapernah sebar fcv? Pengen temenan tapi bingung

Ada beberapa alasan yang bikin nggak mau share friendship application at least for now, soalnya aku agak agak was was ada orang yang aku hindarin itu reply. :[ Kalau mau berteman boleh follow atau langsung mention aja ya, since aku juga close dm hehehe.

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