Luna Saphira Dragofelis asked 12 months ago · 11 answers

What's your favorite mc donalds food?

i don't usually eat at mcdonalds, but big tasty is the best one imho. everything else's mid as fuck

The 280. I don't know if that's in other countries… it's a borg that weighs 280 grams and is pretty simple : square buns lightly sprinkled in flour, a large patty, two slices of cheese, some tomato and a pepper sauce. It's not always available but whenever it is it's immediate choice, and every McDonald's enjoyer in my family loves it.
and hot take while I'm at it: the big mac is smol, and it's sauce doesn't taste that great

Cherry pie maybe? Though, I don't really like McDonald's food in general.

i haven't been to one in a while butbi'd usually get either a completely plain burger or chicken nuggets, both with chips

i have avoided mc donalds for years, i hate all their food. only positive memory of them that i have is their playplaces, which seem to be going away.

i could probably tolerate something if someone forced me to go... but i haven't been there in long enough to say

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