Parisa Moon · 20 answers · 9mo

What are the small things that made you fall in love with someone?

How they respond to my jokes because having someone who understands your jokes is something to be grateful for. Ywda gitu aja wassalam

I am not sure if personality counted as small things of a person but I consider this matter so much of whether I decide to keep the person as someone I like romantically or just merely adore them. I also think their kindness, the way their mind process and sees stuffs could also moved me on falling in love with them like put more gasoline on the fire?

a lot of them, but some are their personality, in same frequency with me and match my energy I guess...

I usually pay attention to the way they see the world, how they carry themselves in situations, how they treat others, their kindness and compassion, and how they can match my energy.

Maybe his attitude and always answering me when I talk a lot about my daily activity

their genuine excitement and unwavering attentiveness as they talk to me has a way of melting my heart

I guess it's the way they show their true self in front of me. and another thing is, of course, the way they appreciate and respect me.

How their mind works, like how they see the world, their point of view or their opinion about anything, also how they carry themselves around others including strangers.

perhaps when they show excitement upon seeing me, and when they go into details when i ask about their day. oh, and also when they remember small details about me

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