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Lovely dear · 3mo

Mine, kamu friendly banget. saya jadi susah buat dekatin kamu in a romantic way.

Lovely dear · 3mo

stop pelihara binatang apapun kalau gabecus ngurusnya, sadar ga udah berapa banyak yang mati dipelihara gara gara lo?

Lovely dear · 3mo

hallo... kamu keren banget, boleh ga si kita temenan. 😞

Lovely dear · 9mo

I think i fall for you since day one. May ask, do you perhaps set your eyes on someone lately?

Hello! I'm not setting my eyes on someone lately and I haven't planned yet..may I know who's you?

Parisa Moon · 14 answers · 9mo

What standards do you have for the perfect relationship?

Serenity · 8 answers · 9mo

Tell me how do you perceive yourself.

The way I perceive myself, or myself-image, is subjective, of course, and can sometimes be negative when I compare myself to others in terms of physical traits, abilities, and achievements. It’s important to have the self-awareness to focus on your feelings and motives. Social comparison can be beneficial when trying to make improvements in my behavior or attitude and to maintain relationships, but it can also be harmful when I start to value myself less or diminish my capabilities.

Parisa Moon · 20 answers · 9mo

What are the small things that made you fall in love with someone?

Maybe his attitude and always answering me when I talk a lot about my daily activity

Abhinala Hardiyata. · 10 answers · 9mo

Hello, people. Do you have any comfort movies? What is it?

Karicia. · 34 answers · 9mo

is it strange if i ask u guys to befriend wimme here? 😁☝️

Abhinala Hardiyata. · 6 answers · 9mo

Selamat siang. Sebentar lagi bakal ganti bulan ya. Kira-kira ada plan apa buat September nanti?

Kaivan · 4 answers · 9mo

Happy Tuesday everyone. Wish you have a great day !

Thank you, Kaivan! I hope you have a great day too and don't forget to take a rest.

Adika Bhanu. · 9mo

Thank you for following back! What is your favorite song when you were a child?

When I was a child, my fav songs is di obok obok by Joshua. Karena lagi itu dulu aku punya banyak ikan terus aku obok obok kolamnya sambil nyanyiin lagu itu 😭

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