Saori Kido · 13 answers · 7y

You find naked pictures of your love interest online, what do you do?

Well, I would confront them about it, before anything I would like to make sure they actually know about them and then help them do whatever they desired about the problem.

Da hell? Ofc I tell him about it and then do my best to get them removed, and I'm sure he'd help me

Find the fastest way to take it down, and depending on how it got there, I might have to kill someone...

Tell him about them immediately and then I'd help him do whatever he wanted about it >_<

I'm sure they didn't put it up willingly so I'd do everything I could to get it taken down. And I hope he'd never find out such photos were online in the first place.

Uh... wow. I can't imagine how this wouldn't end up awkward, so I'd probably just act like I never saw anything but I'll secretly admire their body.

Well, I'd wonder wtf they were thinking and how drunk they were when they agreed to it.

I don't know why he'd have naked pictures of himself online, but I'd save them for... reasons and then get then taken down. Not like I could just ask him for naked pictures, anyways.

Wtf? I'd find whoever posted them, make them erase any trace of pictures and then kill them in the slowest way possible. And if they shoved up anywhere else I'd do the same until all the pictures and any who dares post them are all gone.

Okay, now I'm scared... What are you up to? But I guess I'd ask them if they knew about them and when/why they took them.

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