Saori Kido · 12 answers · 7y

What would your parents think about your love interest?

Uh, I don't think they'd hate Bianka, but I'm not sure, haven't really told them I like girls yet, so it can go either way... ^^;

It's questionable honestly, they had my whole life all planned out and that included who I was going to marry, so it can go either way if I introduce them.

I'm sure they'd love her, I mean she kicks ass and that's the most important thing in my village xD

Sadly, my mother wouldn't approve and my father.. well, he can't really say shit now can he?

-frown- Well... I don't think they'd be too happy about it. I won't ever let them find out about my feelings for him.

I'm not sure how they'd feel, but I would hope they'd approve because he's so sweet. I wonder how they couldn't like him or approve of our relationship?

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