Saori Kido · 28 answers · 6y

What do you think of your partner for the marriage project?

Thankfully I dont have to do this, but I may have pulled some strings so my bff could be paired with his crush ;)

(W) Well, don't talk to her much, but I don't have anything against her, so it should be fine :3 (B) Oh, I'm just mourning the fact that she isn't single, but hey, I can think of worse girls to be stuck with~ ;)

Well... I don't really mind working with you, but I do hope you will do your part properly...

Uh... I mean, it all depends on WHO I actually get to work with... One side would get it done faster, that's for sure...

I have no problem with Adela, she is a sweet and lovely girl and I believe we'll make an excellent team for the duration of this project.

Well, I'm sure me and Borys will do just fine, I know him pretty well and I didn't get stuck with anyone from the unholy bitch trio, so yay me~ x'D

Well, me and Eirian hasn't spoken before, like at all, but haven't heard anything bad about him from anyone that matters, so it should be fine.

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