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Recommend me some of your go to books! Mystery, romance, terseraaah.

for mystery books you need to read all holly jackson's collections. it's called a good girl's guide to murder and has 5 books in total! (the second one has highest rating for me) aaand the silent patient by alex michaelides. i just finished that last week in one sitting explained how page turner this book is! the plot is quite similar but you will see from the therapist point of view. check it out and you would thank me later! ☝🏻

Jarang baca buku tapi terakhir sih baca novel Funiculi Funicula. Cocok dibaca pas ada waktu luang.

Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage by Haruki Murakami, gak tau dah dark abis dan campur aduk. Dealing with a great loss, nightmare, questioning selves.

i find that i enjoy watching movies and series more than reading books, so i don't read very often. tapi mungkin gue bakal memilih sherlock holmes for my go to mystery book soalnya seru banget mau bentuknya buku, film, atau series

mystery/smth like knives out: the inheritance game. romance: more than the movies. romance slash angst: archer's voice or before we were strangers.

ooh have you read "before the coffee gets cold" by toshikazu kawaguchi? it's an absolutely darling novel that i can't recommend enough! it's a heartwarming tale about a small cafe in tokyo where customers can time-travel to the past, all while exploring themes of love, regret, and second chances. it's the perfect blend of mystery, romance, and fantasy. i think you'll love it! :3

If you like middle grade books, try The School for Whatnots! I got cover-baited into reading this book, it’s pretty.

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