Shannon asked 12 days ago · 10 answers

Have you ever been scared to go to work?

No but sometimes I fantasize about what would happen if a disaster occurred if I was there

Yes, when I was less experienced it made me nauseous to think of what might go wrong on my shift

Yes. I had a student with mental issues and you never knew how he was going to behave that day.

I have! My 2 previous jobs did make me uncomfortable. I was scared, mad, upset, and simply just not having life even just to wake up in the morning. Thank God I'm living my life now.

Yes, very. They weren't abusive or anything there, I'm just weird. I worked as a mailman driving the mail truck for a few days, and I was so scared of going to work that I couldn't sleep and my mind was in a very bad and dark place all night. I resolved not to do that to myself anymore because it was bad for my health and decided in the morning I'd call to quit. They told me to come in and do the paperwork or whatever and I did. Highest oaying job I ever had by far.

not physical danger, just the existential dread of having the best years of my life sucked away and bled dry to make somebody else a billionaire

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