Dion El Jnaro.
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| · 1y

Researchers have engineered bacteria to synthesize an amino acid that contains a rare functional group that others have shown to have implications in the regulation of our immune system. The researchers also taught a single bacterial strain to create the amino acid and place it at specific sites within target proteins. These findings provide a foundation for developing unique vaccines and immunotherapies in the future. So, why you keep nice trying if you can choose not to?

The way I read the whole damn thing just to find out it was irrelevant. (Hand on head) I am not in my nice try phase... where did you get those issue from?

Elaine Wynona · 11 answers · 1y

Guys, do you have a special habit (like its something you will always do) before sleep or start doing things? For example, i sprayed some perfume on my body before i go to bed

I usually played rounds of Onet before I go to sleep, but I rarely do that nowadays since I don't have to make myself sleepy. (I've been a sleepyhead lately)

Aire. · 4 answers · 1y

do you believe that your dreams are YOU but in other universe?

Jethro. · 14 answers · 1y

What's one thing you want to achieve before you die?

L. Raisel Emory · 4 answers · 1y

Have a pleasant weekend!

Aire. · 7 answers · 1y

describe how you'll spend a day with you lover! (dream lover jg boleh kalo skrg lu lg sendiri)

I'd do anything— or even nothing, as long as we spend time together, being lovey dovey and lots of cuddles throughout the day.

Aire. · 6 answers · 1y

is there any series or movies that healed you?

愛恩 · 8 answers · 1y

do you like carrots? why?

Out of lots of veggies that I hate, carrots are one of the few veggies that I can bear eating it. So it's a yes, I guess.

K · 26 answers · 1y

hello, keandratuals! so far, gimana bulan Mei nya?

Aire. · 4 answers · 1y

have you ever dreamt of someone died before their death?

Elaine Wynona · 11 answers · 1y

Guys can you cook your favorite foods by yourself?

Madeleine · 4 answers · 1y

What do you usually do when you can't seem to fall asleep but the drowsiness is all around you?

I usually played Onet in Crazy mode and will eventually fell asleep cause I can't bear with how hard it is. 😂

K · 15 answers · 1y

what's your favorite disney movie(s) all the time??

K · 8 answers · 1y

please suggest me rom-com/teen-lit moviees

Just finished watching XO, Kitty. Not sure if you'll like it but since it's a rom-com/teen-lit you should try watching it too. (Series)

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