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hello, keandratuals! so far, gimana bulan Mei nya?

Been a month full of studying (and pressure) for me. Glad it'll end soon. Hope you had a great May, Keandra.

not bad but not good, KENAPA MEI TAHUN INI LAMA BANGET YA???!!!?!! kayaaakk omgg ayo cepet ganti bulan, kenapa buntut bulan mei belum juga keliatan 😭😭

My mei went like rollercoaster, honestly..🎢 but it was much better than it was. Keandra gimana bulan Mei-nya? I hope the rest of May treats you well, okay! ✨

Not bad, all things considered. Walau di awal banyak banget kejutannya, at least I’m doing alright. Thanks for asking, Keandra!

Hi! Its not that good 🥹 but its not really bad. I learnt a new lesson, i meet some new people, and i got new friends too. How about you? I hope yours are great!

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