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The south korean government wants to forbid the consumption of dog meat. What do you think about?

Pretty much what everyone else has said. Dog meat is just meat to some people, and I can understand that on some level. However, no skin off my back if it's no longer a thing there. I wonder if there are people there who are affected by this or if it's a largely unneeded rule that just got codified for some reason?

People eat what's available - dogs, cats, monkeys, even guinea pigs! We eat millions of cows every year. To many people that is as abhorrent as eating dogs is to us. I don't have a problem with people eating anything. Even other humans - with their permission of course. It's all meat in the end.

I’m not sure the reasons behind it, but I am completely unbothered by the fact that someone eats a different animal than I do. As long as they are not eating humans, that’s ok by me.

On one hand it seems like a good thing, poor dogs; on the other hand, it's kind of speciesist for us to care about dogs and not pigs, cows, chicken, etc. etc. They all have feelings.

I don't care if people eat dogs if that's how they are surviving, humans > dogs now and forever

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