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Bees. · 4mo

hi tell me one must-try item from your favorite restaurant's menu that at least i have to try it for once

Bees. · 4mo

Sammie makin hari makin ganteng

Bees. · 4mo

Menurut kamu, orang yang bermuka dua itu gimana?

Yang di batok kepalanya instead of scalp ada muka. Kayak Voldemort nestling on Prof. Quirrell’s head.

edith ☆ · 6 answers · 6mo

what do you think is the best way to detach from someone you're still in love with?

Cut all ties with them...? I personally find no contact system a bit futile. Love connects you to them emotionally, you need to phase out the feelings you have for them first, which is incredibly hard to do, but time will be kind to you and allow you to slowly move forwards. Eventually, hopefully, you can look back or look at them with no feelings, of any kinds, left.

Bees. · 4mo

kamu lucu pas komentarin debat presiden :(

Bees. · 4mo

hi kak sammael! aku ngefans banget. by the way, kakak udah makan?

edith ☆ · 8 answers · 6mo

what do you think your attachment style is? :3

Bees. · 5mo

Ternyata seorang Sammael bangsal Backburner.

Bees. · 6mo

2024 ada niat lepas status comsunya?

edith ☆ · 7 answers · 6mo

which song have you ever put a specific person in it?

One of the songs would be When You Love Someone by DAY6. I associate this song with my first love, or what I can define as first love (owning that every person’s definition of first love differs from one another). I just think that the song is beautifully written, the simplicity of the song harbors the complexity of love, the feelings that come from loving someone, the things we want to do for them, our hopes and dreams, all the good things we want to happen to that person.

Bees. · 6mo

You're so annoying. (With the intention of flirting with THE Sammael)

Bees. · 6mo

samsam, selamat tahun baru ya? semoga apapun yang nyakitin kamu di tahun 2023 digantikan sama kebahagiaan di 2024. Kita gapernah ngobrol langsung ataupun mutualan, tapi aku selalu seneng tiap kali kita balas balasan lewat retro ini, hehe [masih mutual hazen btw]

Sender, Happy New Year! Terimakasih atas doa baiknya, dan semoga yang kamu harapkan ke saya juga terjadi di kamu, berlipat-lipat, ya! I hope your 2024 will be filled with fun experiences and happy memories. Kemarin Hazen ada ngequote menjual saya, kok enggak balas? Ehehe. I would love to have you around. :)

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