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curious-kitty · 6mo

Cantiknya siapa sih ini?

Dabria · 8 answers · 12mo

What's your limit of forgiving someone so you won't believe it when they say they're gonna be better?

i actually willing to give a lot of forgiveness as long as that person shows me that they are changing to be better and didn't do the same thing as what they did before. but, if they are doing it again and again, i won't give them the same thing, and i will leave them immediately. forgiveness is given to someone who knows that they did something wrong, if they don't change.. then what's the point of giving it to them, no?

so, the answer is, as for me, no matter the second chance or otherwise, if they weren't showing me their guilty feelings and improvement, it would reach my limit.

Parisa Moon · 7mo

How can someone be this pretty. 🥺

paris.. i am flattered .//. but i wish you were willing to look in the mirror and know that you are pretty, as pretty as what you said to me ♥

Dabria · 4 answers · 7mo

Do you recently upgrade your standard in bare minimum? New entry of bare minimum for me is not using anyone as a stress-reliever.

i have! my new entry in the bare minimum is to cut off some people that affect me with negativity, but do not get sad about it. i have accepted that people come and go, and i am trying to be okay with the fact that all i have and all i can trust in this world is just God and myself.

Richter · 7mo

Hello, good day, this is the sender of menfess that offering to be follow each other on Retro. May I get your follow back? Thank you!

curious-kitty · 8mo

Sayangku yang cantik, semoga kamu selalu diselimuti kebahagiaan. 🤍

Sayangku.. :( semoga sayang juga selalu diselimuti oleh kebahagiaan dan kebaikan di mana pun sayang berada <3 aku sayang kamu banyak-banyak, pacarku ☹️💗

curious-kitty · 1y

Do you want to know more about your future?

Of course, I do want to know about it. In the other hand, I doubt myself to think much about it. I am scared I will sink into that thoughts and assumptions about my future which would make me forget to enjoy things in this moment of the life I am living at this time. Knowing more about my future is great, but I chose to let things flow as I am trying to enjoy the moment I have right now! I believe, when the time is right, I could figure it out. ♡

curious-kitty · 1y

Have you ever listened to classical music?

I have! I also have a playlist which contains abundance of classical music! Sometimes I listen to it when I want to go to sleep. ♡

curious-kitty · 1y

What habit do you really find cute in a person??

curious-kitty · 1y

What was the best day of your life like?

Those days when I am feeling loved. Being enough with everything I have and grateful for having it all. Those days when I feel like I have so much love to give, when I could easily find happiness in the little things I find.. Those days would be the best days in my life.

I wish everyone will be having their best day, too. Everyone deserves to have it in life!

curious-kitty · 1y

What kind of animals do you have?

I officially don’t have any of them. But.. I am close enough with some stray cats! Especially those cats who live closely to my house. They are always waiting for me, every single day. ♡

Abil · 31 answers · 1y

if you’re a colour, what colour would you be?

Pastel colors! ♡ I will probably be a lilac or baby pink. Someone ever said that pastel colors suit me perfectly! The reason is that they are soft and calming ... <3

Sheninna · 10 answers · 1y

if you have the opportunity to be fluent in one language that you aren't fluent right now, what would it be?

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