Probably this vellichor is stuck longer.

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Maskarad · 3mo

Teteh dabi tetehnya juni yang seperti kucing hitam

Saint Lady · 5mo

Jenis manusia yang nyebelin kayak gimana?

Someone who demands taking pics when I refuse their offer because I don't feel I look great atm and they demand it easily by saying "c'mon it's alright I can put a filter or something" like SHUT UP I don't give consent. No is a no.

Saint Lady · 5mo

Top 3 perkataan sederhana tapi aku marah.

Hunter Archibald. · 8 answers · 6mo

Kalo malem kalian suka pengen apa:

A. Pengen jadi keong
B. Pengen jadi botol air mineral (karena selalu dibutuhkan hashtag anjay)
C. Pengen teriak oh why can’t we for once say what we want, say what we feel take a chance with me take a chance with me

C. · 8 answers · 7mo

Self-love corner! I wonder what is the best thing of being yourself right now? ❤︎

I am confident with what I achieve, endeavour, and chase. I never doubt trying new things since I always have "I've been through this before, and nothing happened, I was alright" mindset. Despite of my obsession, I'm passionate.

Hunter Archibald. · 3 answers · 7mo

Konon katanya ayam terbesar di dunia ini ternyata adanya di Indonesia, coba tebak ayam apa?

Chayyi. · 14 answers · 9mo

What’s the biggest green flag in your opinion?

Jasmine · 8mo

I love the way you present yourself to your surroundings and how you bring happiness to others. Keep it up, Dabria! MAU KENALAN DEKET NANTI HEHEH WATCH ME GET CLOSER TO YOU.

Sweetheart, thank you so much! I love your presence you're a happy pill and a ball of sunshine to everyone. What are you up to recently, cantik?

Gracia · 7 answers · 8mo

apa yang kalian lakukan kalau kalian kangen ni ngobrol sama seseorang tapi kalian sendiri mau kasih jarak dulu... apa ngomong sama tembok aja, ya?

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