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[Inspired by] Is catcalling a form of free speech?


[Inspired by] Is catcalling a form of free speech?

Yea... in the sense that you can do it and the government won't prosecute you for it. Law enforcement certainly is not obligated to do anything about it

Hard NO! It’s like when when one kid is bothering another and the one doing the bothering says “I was just playing”. I typically respond with—“ Well if you’re just playing, that means BOTH of you are having fun. If it’s just YOU having the fun.,, it’s NOT playing, is it? 😠

It's a form of harassment. That video is a good example of someone who is very obviously doing what he's doing with the intent to cause humiliation/harm, too. There's probably no way in the US though, for example, that you could get much restriction on most of what is categorized as "catcalls." Restricting verbal street harassment would be touted as a violation of the 1st amendment. And you can only disregard the constitution if that disregard results in the restriction of marginalized people's right to exist, a kid's right not to get shot, or someone's right not to be pregnant, you know, that kind of thing.

Also, when men [...]

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Sure. When we suffer from the speeches of some dumbass politicians worldwide causing nausea, heart attacks, brain damage we must take catcalling easy. The folks with the catcalling usually are part of the crowd that listens to the fucked speeches anyway, so any hope for a change is futile. A dumbass is a lost soul often.