Arman asked 6 months ago

"If you over apply the product turns into a 'grandma' scent". What's grandma scent to you?


"If you over apply the product turns into a 'grandma' scent". What's grandma scent to you?

Anything that's musky, soapy or smells like incense. A lot of Chanel products remind me of my granny

When we were little, my granny would take us to visit her sister, who was well into her 80s - my granny was the youngest child of 16 children! My brother and my abiding memory of her is the stench of pee. She’d wet her knickers accidentally, take them off and put them in the radiator to dry. It was eye-watering!

Some soap bar has it. A certain combo of flowery scents plus old/decayed soap plus some acidic traces mixed in.

Maja face powder and any Elizabeth Taylor perfume. Maybe Jean Naté body splash and the nasty smelling setting liquid/cream that they put on in hair salons that still do “curl sets” for the very elderly ladies once a week.

Cigarettes and cats, that’s what my grandmas aroma was. Nowadays a lot of older people have that mothball smell, especially around this time of year.

Extremely floral, musky perfumes, I guess. My grandma (the deceased one) used to wear Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds, and she was loose and fast with the trigger finger because she would spray it heavy IN THE CAR, on the way to church. I was in the backseat with my brother and we came pretty close to going to god's main residence instead of one of his summer cottages, because we could not breathe.

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