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Arman · 7 answers · 2y

[Inspired by the TV show "What Would You Do?"] You're at a bar/restaurant/public place. You see someone roofies/spikes someone else's drink. What do you do?

Well first thing is make sure the targeted person does not drink that drink. Then you take that drink and force feed it to the person who did it 😊

Merida · 8 answers · 2y

Hass anyone watched Dahmer?

The newest Evan Peters one? I just finished it yesterday. It was in poor taste. They basically tried to humanise Dahmer, which is absolutely disgusting for the families of the victims. Also so many (mainly white women) have boasted about it not creeping them out or making them scared or horrified. I don’t understand why people flex that kinda stuff, what he did was barbaric.

Arman · 8 answers · 2y

"If you over apply the product turns into a 'grandma' scent". What's grandma scent to you?

Cigarettes and cats, that’s what my grandmas aroma was. Nowadays a lot of older people have that mothball smell, especially around this time of year.

Kate Matsuda · 14 answers · 2y

Do you restrict yourself to only use your own toilet at home or are you at ease using what's available? What about toilets at your friends? And public toilets?

I will use any toilet, but I do check whether it looks clean enough to actually sit on, or whether I’m gonna need to levitate over it.

Dingus · 6 answers · 2y

What's the most backhanded compliment you received?

“You have a great face for make up” Which when it was said didn’t feel like a compliment, but everyone started agreeing 🤷🏻‍♀️

Arthur · 12 answers · 2y

How do you react when someone recognizes you but you don't remember who they are?

Panic mode gets activated. I scan them to try and get clues and then, if that fails, start planning my escape route.

Dingus · 8 answers · 2y

How easy is it to read your face and determine what you're feeling?

Way too easy. I used to be able to keep the feelings hidden but not anymore 🤷🏻‍♀️

Dingus · 9 answers · 2y

Do you tend to embarrass yourself at large gatherings?

Listen, I’m able to embarrass myself in an empty room. There’s no hope for me with a large gathering of people.

LaDamaX · 12 answers · 2y

How do you calm yourself when you’re feeling angry/explosive?

I’m a very patient person, so if I’ve got to that point, just run. There’s no saving anybody.

LaDamaX · 10 answers · 2y

What do you think complicates things more often— Having too many people involved or not enough?

Always too many. Less is more 😌 unless we’re talking about food, then more is more

Pandy · 9 answers · 2y

If it meant utility and shopping bills would go back to normal, would you ask your country to pull out of supporting Ukraine?

No, because at least I have a home to pay utility bills for and shopping to buy.

LaDamaX · 8 answers · 2y

Whats the last thing you received or purchased that was absolutely horrible?

Last Saturday I bought a sandwich at a train station, it was purely to soak up the gallons of alcohol I had consumed. It was vile and It did not help.

Merida · 9 answers · 2y

Which are the best burgers you've ever eaten?

The ones I make myself, also Burger King because they have that smoky thing going on that’s like a drug for me

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