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Nameless Mortal · 12d

Just wanna let you know that I once have a crush on you. Have a nice daaayyyyyyyyy!!!! 🩵

I’m sorry..?? This is very surprising to me… Thank you for letting me know, Anon. I hope you’re having a nice day, too!

Saint Lady · 4 answers · 15d

Have a pleasant morning! Now please suggest me one soft feminine songs since I'm about to make a playlist about one!

Perhaps, 'Love on the Weekend' by Aria Ohlsson? And have a great day to you, Lady.

Saint Lady · 6 answers · 15d

What's your favorite thing to do that bring peace to your inner souls?

Sleep. I'm that easy to fix.

Or not. I usually read a book or two, finish some quests in games, taking a silly walk like I'm somewhere over 50... things like that.

Anya · 4 answers · 16d

Anything you are looking forward to these days?

Anya · 5 answers · 16d

Happy long weekend! Now that you are two days in the long weekend, any epiphany or realization coming in these days? Let me tell you mine; mine is realizing I need to reach out to people a lot more. How about you?

I know I'm way too late to answer this, but my epiphany was that I need to organize my time and priorities badly. Guess how dire it is now that I needed to emphasize that one.

Leon Nathaneil · 2 answers · 17d

Is there a thing (it could be anything btw) that you just discover but somehow it's important to you?

I think lately I’ve just found out (and life keeps reminding me about it again & again) about how important it is to take notes of your finance.

Nameless Mortal · 18d

Maybe love wasn't as kind to you before, but I hope it makes up for all its lost years and is more than kind, but its sweet and warm to you now

You’re so sweet for this, Anon. Thank you so much. I’ve always thought it’s at least something that I deserved in order to move forward, but reading kind words like this makes me smile. Thank you, really.

Saint Lady · 18d

Which one, drive for Redbull or being a member of SKZ?

I don’t think I have the knack to be an idol, so forever I’d rather drive a Redbull.

Saint Lady · 18d

Why Daniel Ricciardo? And thoughts about haters?

I think because I found out about F1 & him when I was at one of my lowest points in life. I love his point of view in life, and I love how down-to-earth and amiable he is as a person. When it comes to haters, I think every driver was bound to have one; they’re the only 20 people licensed to drive the fastest cars in the world anyway. Haters can hate, but their seats are still gonna be theirs.

Saint Lady · 18d

Thoughts on F1 x Kpop discourse lately?

Tbh, I’m not siding anyone. F1 is sports and Kpop is music, and liking both is okay, but I don’t think mixing both is something that I can enjoy.

A. Malik · 19d

Main Plato ngga bff?

Nameless Mortal · 19d

A classic question but I’m curious, do you have set your eyes on someone right now? Or is there someone who attracted you or made you curious about them lately?

Honestly, no it is not a classic one at all. And I’m not setting eyes on anyone, nor do I want to set mine on anyone anytime sooner.

roseateliers · 8 answers · 23d

If you are only given the chance to write about love and one other subject for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

"Resilience". Albeit rarely mentioned, I believe that without resilience, sometimes love is just... a fleeting feeling.

Nameless Mortal · 28d

Alrik kalau lagi bosen biasanya ngapain?

Main game, baca buku, dengerin musik, tidur. Kalau gabut banget biasanya keliling rumah, cari yang bisa dibenerin/dibersihin.

Nameless Mortal · 28d

I'm curious, how do you approach someone that you are attached to? Like a crush for example.

I either keep it all to myself till it’s gone, or I go “fuck it” and initiate a conversation to them, or just at least let them know I want to be closer to them.

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