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Describe your type.

Theo James, Aaron Taylor Johnson, Bill Skarsgard, Jacob Elordi, Callum Turner. Who else I haven't got to mention?

I don't think I have any specific criterias for romantic relationship. Asalkan bukan sexist, patriarki, heteronormative, homophobic, a zionist or supporting genocide, fragile masculinity, misoginis, etc. I'm okay. But if I can be specific, for virtual relationship, I'd like someone with korean actors/actresses as their muses but I'm open for anyone that have muses beside korean actors/actresses!

please harus yang paham sama KOMPROMI! that’s really important 😭 other than that i’d prefer someone yang open minded to new things, emotionally intelligent, have hobbies & job, love to spoil me. ini ga penting penting amat tapi kalau bisa a cinephile, wibu, f1 enjoyer, have a good music taste. sorry kalau spesifik banget 🙂‍↕️

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