seven’s bilik dosa
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C. · 8 answers · 5mo

Self-love corner! I wonder what is the best thing of being yourself right now? ❤︎

Anak setan · 5mo

hi! feel free to ignore, but will be super thankful if you do promote & check what we have in store ((this inhabited closed agency)) by tweeting "guys go check this stb ca!!". or whatever you want to say means a lot, thanks in advance!

eatmoarntacos · 3 answers · 5mo

thoughts on me dong ajgggg

oh nama lu nyaru di retro gue tp tots on younya itu : ajarin ml puh sepuh, trus nyablak bgt

Seth. · 5 answers · 6mo

hey, any romance book recommendations for light read?

Anak setan · 6mo

Hello Seven! Would you mind helping us retweeting this tweet? Thank you beforehand

Anak setan · 7mo

Mo coba tanya ini munculnya anak setan atau anak kadal

Benjamin · 5 answers · 7mo

hi, gimana awal agustusnya?

Feels like in reconnecting a lot with my old friends, lumayan seneng bcs i felt so asing with them for the past few months for some reason

Benjamin · 7mo

desc theo abg

The only desc i can give you is that ni org gak takut ngeluarin uang apa gmn gw cuman bisa bismillah Soon Gw and terus berbaik hati ya dik jgn sampe kapok

Anak setan · 7mo

Have you ever pet a coyote?

Anak setan · 7mo

What is your favourite video game?

Little nightmares! The second one is my favorites bcs the lore is way deeper than the first. Then danganronpa, fav is the 2nd one too

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