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Rutherford. · 2mo

Hi, I just want to compliment your retrospring setup, it looks warm and so eyes pleasing. Have a great day, Yela.

hello, haven! thank you for the compliment you gave me ^⁠⁠_⁠^ your theme is also very cool! it suits you well. have a great day too :D

Gaudy · 2mo

yelaaa! your theme is pwettyyy!🤍

Kesheana. · 2mo

Hi Yelaena, pardon me for following you so suddenly as I found your retro account from the base exchange session! To start off a friendly journey, may I know what do you like to do the most during your free time?

emlo! it’s okayy :3 usually i’ll listen to songs or maybe watch anime! ★___★

Zefian Madistra · 2mo

Hello, Yela. Could you send me a follow-back?

Kalandra Kafsa · 3mo

Hey, boleh follback?

Baby Amelia · 49 answers · 3mo

boleh rekomendasiin ke aku cushion yang menurut kamu oke banget itu?

cutie patootie · 5mo

Yelaena, what is your most recent on loop?

cutie patootie · 5mo

Flowers or letters?

flowers, i really love it when someone gives me a bunch of flowers. it’s so pretty.. D:

cutie patootie · 5mo

Hello. How was your day, lena lena?

HI HI HIIIIIII fufu thank you for asking about my day <33 my day was great! although i felt a bit annoyed, but that's okay :D how about you? i hope your day is great too!

Kailey V. · 16 answers · 5mo

Guys, do you have any underrated songs yang must listen kyk "wah gila ini lagu semua orang harus tau sih" 🤔

everyone should know that Dept’s songs are truly masterpieces. ♡︎ my favorite is ‘Van Gogh’!

Sea. · 5mo

Somehow, I just can’t be more grateful enough on how much I appreciate your presence in my life. Many people loves you, so please be happy, Yela!

thank you for the sweet words you addressed to me. it really touched my heart! be happy too <3

syahla · 16 answers · 5mo

suka ngerasa ga si hawa hari kamis tuh aneh bangett??

ִֶָ☾. · 5mo

Hai cantik, lebih suka nonton atau baca? boleh saranin kesukaan mu itu?

i love both! tapi aku kangen baca novel </3 pengen ngelanjutin serial bumi nya tere liye! aku masih ngestuck di sagaras t__t literally my top tier fantasy fiction fufufu. and i'm also still looking for novels that suit my tastes, i'll update later if i don't forget! hehe:D

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